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Welcome To Tiger Paw Press

Here you will find links to supplements for Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition.

White Worm

Villages near the lonely mountain range are scared and need help. 

They have turned to a mighty band of adventurers for help. They have little to pay other than their gratitude. 

Are you powerful enough to save the villagers?  Are you ready to face certain death?  Are you ready to fight a dragon?

 Realm Of The White Worm is an adventure for Dungeon & Dragons 5th 

 It works best with a party of 1-5 characters or 1-3rd level. 


Player’s Vault Volume 1

White Worm

In this installment you will find the description of the AD&D NPC class The Witch, upgraded to 5E. 

The Shapeshifter, a new archetype of druid for 5E. 

Katkins, a race of feline humanoids starting to make their presences known across the realm.

DMS Guild




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