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Realm Of The White Worm

White Worm

Villages near the lonely mountain range are scared and need help. A dragon and its henchman have been terrorizing them for months. They take their children and demand food and supplies, something the villagers have little to spare with winter coming.

They have turned to a mighty band of adventurers for help. They have little to pay other than their gratitude. Legends will be told of the adventurers if they can save the villages from the dragon and the dragon& hoard should be more than enough to make them rich.

Here is a Enlarged Map of the Mines -  Map

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Tome Of Villainy

Need adversaries for you Fantasy Hero campaign.

Here you will find three new groups to add to your campaign. 

From a golem like race led by a mad wizard, an insect race killing and devouring all they find and a group of mages trying to take over the realm. 

All you need to keep you players on their toes.

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Tomb Of The Shadow King

Shadow King









Dead Orc Pass

Dead Orc Pass

















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