Tigier Paw Press - Grimorie Arcana III

Grimoire Arcana    Grimoire Arcana

The Grimoire Arcana is a much sought after spell book that holds the source of several lost forms of magic. The tome took centuries and loss of many lives to compile. It was torn into two sections decades ago and the two sections hidden in different areas of the realm. As it turns out the tome was split into three parts and the last part has been located

The book you now hold is a copy of the third half of the tome. It holds the secrets to five different forms of magic, Beast Mastery, Blood Magic, Dragon Cult Magic, Metalmancery, Slime & Oooze Magic and Snake Cult Magic.

 The knowledge of these forms of magic can change anyone forever.

 Includes 105 spells in a  38 page PDF as well as Hero Designer files for all magic spells.

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