S.I.D.s Report - Shadow Coven

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S.I.D.s Report - Shadow Coven

S.I.D.s is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes. Over the last few years the number of super-powered individuals has skyrocketed.

It has become a full time job to try and keep track of them as well as update information about them. That is the purpose of this database. The database is actually created and updated by a “outside” and non-partisan group. This allows the database to be “untainted” by politics and bias.

This is a series of small products that will introduce new villains and heroes for you campaign.

This installment will introduce a new mystical villain organization Shadow Coven
This organization has 6 members some are magical based, other are not. Some can summon creatures from the deadly Shadow plane to do their bidding. All serve the Shadow Lord rule of the Shadow Plane. His goal is to merge this dimension with the Shadow Plane and to rule the new dimension it will create.

Includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures.

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