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There are a lot of role playing games out there, one question asked  a lot is which one is the best game. The answer is solely dependent on who you ask and what your looking for in a game. To me the best game, hands down, is the Hero System published by Hero Games.

The system was created in the 80s for a game called Champions. This was and is a superhero role playing game. Several other games were created using variations of the system including Fantasy Hero, Espionage and Justice Inc. In 1989 the Hero System came out, a universal system that could be used for any genre.

The latest version of the Hero System, 6th Edition, came out in 2009 and various supplements have followed. This system follows the original with a few name, power and system changes.

A brief description of the system is your given a set amount of points to buy skills, talents, perks and powers for you character. You take a set amount of matching complication to complete the character's background. The point levels will depend on the genre your playing and the levels set by the GM.

I prefer this system to others because it's so flexible. You can use the system for any genre be it fantasy, superhero, western etc., with no changes to the system. You have everything you need, skills, powers or talents to create any campaign that you can imagine. While you may have to change a name of a skill, security system becomes find trap, the core rules have everything you'll need.

The other thing I enjoy about the system is creating the powers or items for a campaign. In some games you simply say that this item does this specific action. I.E. A bag of holding opens to a pocket dimension and that it can hold X amount of weight. In the Hero System you have to look at the powers and figure out the best way to create it. In this example you would use extra-dimensional movement to accomplish it. It take a little work and imagination. but it's just funner to me than just saying it works.

These are just a few reasons I like the system, I will be posting more about the system and various adventures in the future along with other rants.

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