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S.I.D.s Bulletin is a throw back to the enemy books of old with one exception. In these supplements you will find individuals to add to your Champions campaigns. These supplements will give stats, backgrounds, power and more of new villains or heroes to add to your campaign.  It is up to the GM to flesh out bases, vehicles and exactly how they can fit into their campaign.
S.I.D.s Bullitin #1

SIDs Reprot #1

S.I.D.s Bulletin #1 - Gremlin

This individual gained her abilities using the same serum the created the legendary hero Gargoyle. She is highly dangerous and highly vicious and vindictive.

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S.I.D.s Bulletin #2

Sids Repor #2

S.I.D.s Bulletin #2 - Napalm

This individual is a fire projecting villain with the ability to continue to burn his targets for a period of time. He is highly dangerous and highly vicious.



















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