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Western Shores Campaign

I have been using the Western Shores for the basis of my campaign since it was introduced in the Fantasy Hero Campaign book. The realm is rich in stories, NPC, places and plot hooks. Western Shores is well-written and a great basis for a campaign. While NPC stats arenít given a complete outline of the various nations and their philosophies are given. It is extremely easy to adapt the Western Shores to any campaign.

I have incorporated several places from other publishers as well as a few of my own. Below you will find links to various pages about the campaign, including a discription of the various kingdoms. Some of the NPC the characters could meet. Monsters, magic items, places of interest, and some ideas for an adventure or two. I have incorperated material from other game publishers and a veiw of my own into the campaign. There is also a player's map and a GM's map.

I hope that you will have as much fun using the campaign setting as I have.

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